- H U N T I N G -

If you think all of the big bucks in Maine are up North, you're in for a surprise.
We're right in the heart of Wildlife Management District # 17, where more bucks are taken than any other district in the State!
These farm fed bucks grow big and fast, and have some impressive racks too.
We provide food, lodging, and guide service for $575.00 per week/person, or $125.00 / day /person.
Yes, you have a chance of getting a trophy without spending thousands of dollars!

11 year old Ian will never forget his first deer. 209 pounds dressed!

We specialize in gun and bow hunts for whitetails, but there are plenty of other hunting opportunities for turkey, coyote, snowshoe hare, grouse, and moose.

Women and children are welcome here, and the accommoodations will make them feel right at home.

We have outstanding hounds that love to hunt. Check out the Rabbits on the back of the trailer.

"I've hunted deer my whole life, and thought there wasn't more to learn. Then I started hunting with John!" - Warren Kenny
Brunswick, Maine

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To contact us:

Phone (Toll Free): 1-888-918-8481
email: info@wild-lifeguide.com

John Hunt : Master Guide, 179 Bond Road, Corinna, Maine, 04928