B I G    F I S H     -     B I G    D E E R


Maine has incredible fishing. If you're interested in catching feisty river smallmouth bass, we'll take you to the Penobscot River for a world class fishing experience. 

Many people drive right over some of the best trout fishing in the state.  The Kennebec River is fast becoming a renowned brown trout, landlocked salmon, and small-mouth fishery.


Most people have the false impression that all the big bucks are in Northern Maine. We're located in Wildlife Management District # 17 where more bucks are taken than anywhere else in the state. These are well fed farmland bucks.


We provide free meals and lodging with our guided deer hunting trips. These packages are priced to really save you money. The cost of a motel room and restaurant meals can quickly add up.
John Hunt is our "Master Maine Guide." He has over 30- years experience in the Maine Outdoors. Many clients have said that he thinks like the fish and wildlife of the area. Not only is he an exceptional guide, he also has a bachelor's degree in environmental science and 11 years of science education. You'll have a great time, and bring home a better understanding of the Maine Outdoors as a bonus.


There is no need to be uncomfortable while enjoying the "Great Maine Outdoors.  Clean attractive lodging and delicious home cooked meals are free with our guided deer hunting trips.

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